A Baby's Plea

Dear Friends and Family,

Today I am eight weeks old.  :)  I have met the official two month mark.  I am nearly a woman.  Mom and Dad keep whispering "Slow down!" in my ears when I am sleeping at night.  I can't help it, though.  I have so much ahead of me--being able to control my limbs and telling them to give me something tastier to eat for godsakes--that I just keep growing every day.

This week marked a new era in my life.  (For the record, an "era" in infant terms is on the short side.)  I am becoming more aware of my surroundings.  I focus my eyes on objects.  I can sit in my swing or my car seat or on someone's lap for a little while without having a meltdown.  I even slept through the night most days this week!  This all seems to be very exciting for Mom and Dad.  It's the little things in life, I guess.  We are still working on my social smile and tracking moving objects with my eyes.  It would be nice to impress the Doc with those milestones when we see him next week Thursday.  I don't like to rush genius, though.  All in due time.

Sometimes Mom and I read books in the afternoon.  We have read Horton Hears a WhoPat the Bunny, Mother Goose, and "Common Core State Standards: the Promise and the Peril in a National Palimpsest."  I am throwing out a plea to everyone reading this to please review proper infant reading materials with my mom.  She thinks she can sneak anything she needs to read by me.  (Yes, I know that was The People's History of the United States I was listening to during my bottle last week...) Not sure what a "palimpsest" is?  Look it up.  That's what I did.

Now she is plopping me and Scout on the couch and practicing her PowerPoint presentation on us.  Please help us.  Please.

The rest of the day has been lovely so far. Scout and I had a little photo shoot on our deck.  I think the photo of Scout and I shown below is truly a commentary on our relationship.

Little A out.


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