One Word to Rule Them All

Today I would like to discuss my new word.

I have a word.  It is one syllable, and--when said expressively--makes good things happen.  That word is "Da."  It is pronounced "dah," like in the word "dock."  It is a most existential word in that it means everything and nothing all at the same time.  

Let's give it a few practice runs just to see how it works:

*Note: If you click on the comics below, you can zoom in on them.*

Take One
Take TWO
Isn't that fun?  It's a magical word that means whatever the listener wants to hear.

Now let's play those back with what I am actually saying.

Rewind One

Rewind Two

Because you are my loyal fans, I give you permission to try using my word in your everyday life.  Just keep in mind that this word will only work for you if its meaning remains fluid.  It must be applicable to any and every situation, and the listener must truly feel like he or she has "cracked the code," so to speak.  Imagine the possibilities! 

Let's practice:

Experiment in Linguistics Take One

Experiment in Linguistics Take Two

And there you have it.  Don't say I never gave you anything.  This is a phonetic goldmine.  

* My mother and I would like to encourage our readers to try "Da!" out and share how it went or describe a hypothetical situation where it would be useful.  Seriously.  Leave a comment about when you wish you could use my magical word or (for the truly brave) give it a test run and let us know how it goes!*

*Coming Soon: A discussion about my parents' recent retaliatory decision to stop using words.*


  1. So I tried it when ii was driving my rowdy bunch from soccer practice and... IT WORKED!! I think my boys are convinced I'm losing it. Don't care as long as it keeps them quite :) You are a genius little A!!

  2. Thank you for you testimony, Anonymous Mom. Allowing your boys to continue wondering if you are losing it is actually a shrewd parenting tactic. (But don't tell anyone I am aiding the enemy.)


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